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janvier 05, 2014

Because of you ou mon deux centième posé encore ici...

May I try to explain in another language how much I love.  Also, I want to apologize for these writting words in “made in moi”.  Sorry Shakespeare for this silly thing.


Because of you, I’m never alone.

It's amazing how you can speak right to my heart, you can light up the deepest dark without saying a word . I can never explain why I hear you when you don't say a thing, no more words although , at that time, you say the best. The smile on your face let me know that you care for me, sort of truth in your eyes, sort of touch of your hands say you’ll catch me wherever I fall. The simple things you do to me, I sometimes can’t believe it’s for real, you’re make my dreams come true. I need you like flowers need rain, like the winter needs the spring. You mean the word to me and I couldn’t feel much better than the way I feel now. You make me better than I’ve ever known.

Holding the word in your hands, I believe in you.


-“ What do you want?

-   Just you, only you.”


fontainebleau hiver-01-14.jpg

Parce que j'ai remis ça en album, "Fontainebleauterie d'hiver" ... :)


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